Article 1.(Purpose)
Article 2.(Definitions)
Article 3.(Publication of a work)
Article 4.(Making a work public)
Article 4-2.(Publication of phonograms)
Article 5.(Effect of international treaty)
Article 6.(Protected works)
Article 7.(Protected performances)
Article 8.(Protected phonograms)
Article 9.(Protected broadcasts)
Article 9-2.(Protected wire-broadcasts)
Article 10.(Illustrations of works)
Article 11.(Derivative works)
Article 12.(Compilations)
Article 12-2.(Database works)
Article 13.(Works not protected)
Article 14.(Presumption of authorship)
Article 15.(Authorship of a work made by an employee in the course of his duties)
Article 16.(Authorship of cinematographic work)
Article 17.(Rights of author)
Article 18.(Right to make the work public)
Article 19.(Right to determine the indication of the author's name)
Article 20.(Right to maintain integrity)
Article 21.(Right of reproduction)
Article 22.(Right of performance)
Article 22-2.(Right of screen presentation)
Article 23.(Rights of public transmission, etc.)
Article 24.(Right of recitation)
Article 25.(Right of exhibition)
Article 26.(Rights of distribution)
Article 26-2.(Right of ownership transfer)
Article 26-3.(Right of rental)
Article 27.(Rights of translation, adaptation, etc.)
Article 28.(Right of the original author in the exploitation of a derivative work)
Article 29.(Ownership of copyright in cinematographic works)
Article 30.(Reproduction for private use)
Article 31.(Reproduction in libraries, etc.)
Article 32.(Quotations)
Article 33.(Reproduction in school textbooks, etc.)
Article 33-2.(Reproduction in order to prepare a textbook, etc. in large print)
Article 34.(Broadcast, etc. in school education programs)
Article 35.(Reproduction, etc. in schools and other educational institutions)
Article 36.(Reproduction, etc. as examination questions)
Article 37.(Reproduction in Braille, etc.)
Article 37-2.(Automatic public transmission for persons with aural disabilities)
Article 38.(Performances, etc. not for profit-making purposes)
Article 39.(Reproduction, etc. of editorials on current topics)
Article 40.(Exploitation of political speeches, etc.)
Article 41.(Reporting of current events)
Article 42.(Reproduction for judicial proceedings, etc.)
Article 42-2.(Exploitation for purposes of disclosure pursuant to the Administration Organs Information Disclosure Act, etc.)
Article 43.(Exploitation by means of translation, adaptation, etc.)
Article 44.(Ephemeral recordings by broadcasting organizations, etc.)
Article 45.(Exhibition of an artistic work, etc. by the owner of the original)
Article 46.(Exploitation of an artistic work, etc. located in open places)
Article 47.(Reproduction required for exhibition of artistic works, etc.)
Article 47-2.(Reproduction, etc. by the owner of the reproduction of a computer program work)
Article 47-3.(Transfer of ownership of reproductions made pursuant to the provisions of limitations on the right of reproduction)
Article 48.(Clear indication of source)
Article 49.(Uses, etc. of reproductions for other purposes)
Article 50.(Relationship with moral rights of author)
Article 51.(In general)
Article 52.(Term of protection for anonymous or pseudonymous works)
Article 53.(Term of protection for works under the name of a corporate body)
Article 54.(Term of protection for cinematographic works)
Article 55.[Deleted]
Article 56.(Time when serial publications, etc. are made public)
Article 57.(Calculation of the term of protection)
Article 58.(Special provisions for the term of protection)
Article 59.(Personal nature of moral rights of author)
Article 60.(Protection of moral interests after author's death)
Article 61.(Transfer of copyright)
Article 62.(Termination of copyright in the absence of heirs, etc.)
Article 63.(Authorization to exploit works)
Article 64.(Exercise of moral rights of co-authors)
Article 65.(Exercise of joint copyright)
Article 66.(Copyright which is the subject of a pledge)
Article 67.(Exploitation of work where the copyright holder thereof is unknown, etc.)
Article 68.(Broadcasting of a work)
Article 69.(Recording, etc. on a commercial phonogram)
Article 70.(Procedures and standards for a ruling [for compulsory license])
Article 71.(Consultation with the Council for Cultural Affairs)
Article 72.(Action with respect to the amount of compensation fixed)
Article 73.(Limitations on objections to the amount of compensation fixed)
Article 74.(Deposit of compensation)
Article 75.(Registration of true name)
Article 76.(Registration of the date of first publication, etc.)
Article 76-2.(Registration of the date of creation)
Article 77.(Registration of copyright)
Article 78.(Procedures, etc. for registration)
Article 78-2.(Special provisions for the registration of a computer program work)
Article 79.(Establishment of the right of publication)
Article 80.(Subject matter of the right of publication)
Article 81.(Obligation of publication)
Article 82.(Revision and/or additions or deletions of work)
Article 83.(Duration of the right of publication)
Article 84.(Right to terminate the right of publication)
Article 85.[Deleted]
Article 86.(Limitation on the right of publication)
Article 87.(Transfer, etc. of the right of publication)
Article 88.(Registration of the right of publication)
Article 89.(Neighboring rights)
Article 90.(Relationship between the rights of authors and neighboring rights)
Article 90-2.(Right to indicate name)
Article 90-3.(Right to preserve integrity)
Article 91.(Right to make sound or visual recordings)
Article 92.(Right to broadcast and right to wire-broadcast)
Article 92-2.(Right to make transmittable)
Article 93.(Fixation for broadcast purposes)
Article 94.(Broadcast of fixation, etc. made for broadcast purposes)
Article 95.(Secondary use of commercial phonograms)
Article 95-2.(Right to transfer ownership)
Article 95-3.(Right of rental, etc.)
Article 96.(Right of reproduction)
Article 96-2.(Right to make transmittable)
Article 97.(Secondary use of commercial phonograms)
Article 97-2.(Right to transfer ownership)
Article 97-3.(Right of rental, etc.)
Article 98.(Right of reproduction)
Article 99.(Right to rebroadcast and right to wire-broadcast)
Article 99-2.(Right to make transmittable)
Article 100.(Right to transmit television broadcasts)
Article 100-2.(Right of reproduction)
Article 100-3.(Right to broadcast and right to wire-broadcast)
Article 100-4.(Right to make transmittable)
Article 100-5.(Right to transmit television wire-broadcasts)
Article 101.(Term of protection for performances, phonograms, broadcasts and wire-broadcasts)
Article 101-2.(Personal nature of moral rights of performer)
Article 101-3.(Protection of the moral interests after the performer's death)
Article 102.(Limitations on neighboring rights)
Article 102-2.(Relationship with moral rights of performer)
Article 103.(Transfer, exercise, etc. of neighboring rights)
Article 104.(Registration of neighboring rights)
Article 104-2.(Exercise of the right to receive compensation for private sound and visual recordings)
Article 104-3.(Standard for designation)
Article 104-4.(Special provisions for payment of compensation for private sound and visual recordings)
Article 104-5.(Obligation of cooperation by manufacturers, etc.)
Article 104-6.(Amount of compensation for private sound and visual recordings)
Article 104-7.(Rules for execution of the compensation-related business)
Article 104-8.(Expenditures for business activities, etc. in connection with the protection of copyrights, etc.)
Article 104-9.(Collection of reports, etc.)
Article 104-10.(Delegation to Cabinet Order)
Article 105.(Conciliators for the resolution of disputes concerning copyrights)
Article 106.(Application for mediation)
Article 107.(Application fee)
Article 108.(Submission to mediation)
Article 109.(Mediation)
Article 110.(Report, etc.)
Article 111.(Delegation to Cabinet Order)
Article 112.(Right to seek injunction)
Article 113.(Acts deemed to constitute infringement)
Article 113-2.(Special provisions for the right of transfer of ownership pertaining to a third party without knowledge)
Article 114.(Presumption of amount of damages, etc.)
Article 114-2.(Obligation to clarify specific conditions [of infringement])
Article 114-3.(Production of documents, etc.)
Article 114-4.(Obligation of the parties to explain to appraiser)
Article 114-5.(Determination of reasonable damages)
Article 114-6.(Protective order)
Article 114-7.(Rescission of protective order)
Article 114-8.(Notice, etc. of a request for inspection, etc. of the case record)
Article 115.(Measures for restoration, etc. of honor)
Article 116.(Measures to protect moral interests after the author's or the performer's death)
Article 117.(Infringement with respect to the rights in a work of joint authorship, etc.)
Article 118.(Preservation of rights in anonymous or pseudonymous works)
Article 119.
Article 120.
Article 120-2.
Article 121.
Article 121-2.
Article 122.
Article 122-2.
Article 123.
Article 124.